6 Bottle Wine Rack
This beautiful wine rack holds six (6) bottles of your favorite wine.  A great accent in the kitchen, dining, or living room.

$75.00 (plus shipping)
Glass Top Horseshoe Table
This beautiful glass top table is perfect for a patio or as an end table in your living room. 

$500.00 (plus shipping)

All horseshoe artwork is handmade in Johnston South Carolina using new horseshoes..  Most of the items are a one of a kind creation, however, items can be closely matched into pairs.

If you are looking for a unique piece of artwork, your orders are always welcome.  Please email me with your ideas.  Below are a few of our most popular items.

Stinkey Dogg Farm

Horseshoe Drinkers - 1
One of a kind wine bottle holder.

$50.00 (plus shipping)
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Horseshoe Art
Horseshoe Art
Horseshoe Napkin Holder
Our Napkin Holder has many uses besides holding paper napkins. It can be used to hold your mail also.

$15.00  (plus shipping)

Paper Towel Holder
Our design sits right on the counter top, holds any size roll and has Non-skid cushions to protect your surface and prevent slippage.

$20.00  (plus shipping)

Horseshoe Drinkers-2
One of a kind wine bottle holder.

$50.00 (plus shipping)

Custom Woodwork
Custom Woodwork
Collegiate Bench
This beautiful wooden bench is built for two people and can be painted to match your favorite team.

$125.00  (plus shipping)
Custom Metalwork
Custom Metalwork
Steel Gates
Custom built steel gates that can be built to your specific size dimensions  and with your specific design.

Starting at $500.00  (plus shipping)
Hanging Horseshoe Hooks
Can be used in your home our outbuildings.

Single Hooks $10.00 (plus shipping)
Arrangements of Hooks in Multiples - Multiply the number of hooks by $10.00  (plus shipping)

Towel Bar
Extremely versatile custom towel bars.  Built extremely strong to be able to hold anything from towels to blankets.

32" Bar (plain) - $45.00 (plus shipping)
32" Bar (with twists) - $55.00 (plus shipping)
Horse Shoe Figurines
Custom built and designed one of a kind cowboy figurines.  We can make almost any pose that you want ranging fron standing to sitting by the camp fire.

estimated $30.00 (plus shipping)
***price subject to change based on design requested
Skeet Thrower "Super Chunker"
Custom built skeet thrower that is designed to mount in your 2" towing reciever.

$200.00  (plus shipping)
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